Mocha Park is the simplest way to connect neighbors with unused parking spaces together with neighbors who need parking for friends, family or contractors.


There is a constant shortage of affordable parking in every city while, at the same time, parking spaces sit unused day and night in residential city buildings.

Mocha Park is for residents who have secured access parking lots – thus, whether you are a guest parker or the host, you know you are helping a neighbor.

For Guests

Guests use Mocha Park when they want to rent a secure space in their building. The guest renters might need the parking for themselves or anyone coming to visit. No one wants to waste time driving around the city looking for alternative high price parking if they can park in their own building.

For Hosts

Hosts can list their parking whenever it is available – whether for a few hours or days or weeks. Parking is an expensive part of living downtown and rental income can offset some of the costs. Hosts set the parking pricing and will give a brief description of the spot location and characteristics. Typically, the cost of the spot is very competitive compared to the alternatives.

Being Neighborly

Mocha Park users will often be a host one day and be a guest renter the next day depending on their activities.

Mocha Park solves a mis-match utilization problem which makes urban communities better by reducing vehicle congestion and reducing the need for more resources to go into building more parking.

Get started with Mocha Park.